If you run a business, chances are you know the importance of promoting your products and services to reach new customers and keep your existing ones aware of new deals. When it comes to advertising, many things have changed over the last decades, and not everyone realizes the benefits of choosing digital advertising over traditional advertising. Here are five good reasons to do so:

Highly Targeted Ads

Unlike traditional ads, digital marketing gives you the ability to reach specific audiences. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and YouTube offer targeting options that go beyond demographic data. For example, you can market products and services to couples with children or early adopters of technology. If you can segment your audience, you can also deliver customized messages, which are always more effective than a generic campaign.

Track Your Campaigns

The availability of metrics is another good reason for replacing traditional ads with digital ads. Remember that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. When you advertise in magazines or TV programs, usually you only have access to the number of subscriptions and viewers. However, they’re not enough to tell you how many people your campaign reached. In comparison to mass media, digital metrics are more accurate, because they provide meaningful data, like conversion rate or estimated minutes watched.

Invest on Long-term Relationships

Digital advertising, as well as digital marketing, are all about long-term relationships. If you’re selling t-shirts, identify potential buyers first. Then, introduce yourself and chat a bit. Hopefully, some of them will like you because of your style, relevance, or good timing. Listening to them is not a waste of time and you can learn from their feedback. At some point, you’ll have built a long-term relationship based on trust and these people will be more inclined to purchase your t-shirts or whatever you’re selling.

You’re in Control

How many people do you know who own a newspaper, a radio or a TV station? Now, ask yourself if you know someone who has a website or a Facebook profile. Compare the results and you’ll see why the internet is so empowering. When it comes to digital presence—which includes digital ads—you can create your own channels of communication and use them as you want. There’s no need to pay a media group to deliver your message.

Cheaper and More Effective

It makes more sense to think about online advertising as an investment, rather than a cost. Targeting specific audiences with customized ads naturally gives you better results and, consequently, better ROI. You can track everything, so even if your campaign performance is lower than you expected, you can hit the “stop” button at any time. Digital advertising is also cheaper when compared to traditional advertising.

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