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Next Level Solutions uses targeted advertising displays to provide our clients here and around the world with access to 98% of the Internet based on our integration with several of the leading Ad Exchanges. Our expansive media platform helps you reach more customers outside of Search Engines to drive site traffic and online conversions. By utilizing Next Level Solutions target advertising platform, your advertisers can target the right user, at the right time, with the right message nearly anywhere online and across mobile devices. Whether you would like to launch a cutting-edge Retargeting campaign or brand awareness campaign, Next Level Solutions has dynamic target advertising to help you achieve your goals.

of B2B marketers currently buy or sell advertising programmatically.
of U.S. display ad spend will be purchased using programmatic technologies by 2020, with more than $65 billion spent on programmatic digital display advertising.
of mobile digital display ads in the US will be programmatic by 2020.

This is Next Level's favorite topic and why Next Level was created…Targeted ad display is the #1 most popular advertising option, followed by SEM.

Advertising has evolved…now you can deliver an ad to those who've shown an interest in your product or services. Reaching only those who have shown an interested, not everyone else! Verses a spray and pray approach you get with other types of advertising.

Our expert target ad display developers are changing the way that businesses acquire new customers through our unique targeted advertising platforms. Display ads encourage users to act immediately by clicking on the link that leads to your landing page, website, or a specific call to action. The options of us getting in front of your ideal client are endless.

Imagine your company tied to relevant content on the internet? Do you think it could grow your business? There are many strategies for targeted display advertising, let's set up an appointment today!

We provide a wide range of targeting parameters to help you:

Increase site traffic to your website or traffic to specific landing pages

Increase click-based and view-based conversions online

Generate qualified leads, increase online purchases, downloads, new account registration, and much more

Popular Targeting Options

Search Targeting

Through Search Targeting we can create an individualized keyword list that guarantees ads reach only the ideal customer looking for your products/services.

Behavioral Targeting

Similar to Site Content targeting, Next Level SolutionsBehavioral Targeting solution helps you to display your ads to predefined user segments across the Internet.


A geo fence is a virtual perimeter around a real-world geographic location. Geo fencing is when a location-aware device is sent advertising banners to your mobile devices when you enter the geo fenced area.

Pre-Roll Video

A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays online. Pre-roll provides an excellent opportunity for advertisers to brand themselves.

Native Advertising

Material which resembles the sites editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser's product

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting helps you to recapture the interest of potential customers after they leave your website. When potential customers visit your site, a Retargeting “cookie” is placed in their browser. The cookie identifies your potential customers and enables you to serve them tailored ads that relate to the content they viewed on your site.

Contextual Targeting

Through contextual targeting, you can target your ads to specific page level content. Contextually targeted ads offer useful information to readers, and attract an audience interested in your message. We also have the ability to create a customized contextual keyword list.

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