Programmatic advertising is changing the way consumers and business to business (B2B) relationships present themselves online. This year alone, nearly 70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on programmatic advertising, and 65% of B2B marketers already buy or sell advertising programmatically (Forbes). So what is it, and why should you care? Put simply, programmatic advertising digitally promotes brands and products by simplifying online advertising with automated technology (Forbes).

Why Does It Matter?

Programmatic advertising boosts efficiency by targeting those who are interested in your business. Rather than wasting time with a “spray and pray” approach that plasters advertisements everywhere with no thought put into who will see them, programmatic ads hone in on potential customers. This strategy allows you to generate greater insight into consumer behavior by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), targeting individual demographics, and reviewing and analyzing gathered data.

Is Programmatic Advertising Going Anywhere?

While rumours seem to pop up quarterly declaring the death of programmatic advertising, the truth is this technology is here to stay. In fact, according to industry experts, in the next few years programmatic advertising is predicted to drive 100% of all advertising purchases. According to Adweek, programmatic digital display ads already account for up to 80% of all U.S. display spending, translating into more than $27 billion in sales revenue. This figure is projected to increase up to $45 billion by 2019. Adopting this technology today can help grow your business. You’ll remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve!

How Does It Work?

Programmatic advertising collects and analyzes user data to develop a targeted advertising strategy. With advertising platforms in the software, historical data, and other parameters, businesses can target the right user, at the right time, across many online devices (Forbes). When used properly, these technologies create ad campaigns that effectively reach the desired audiences with the right message. However, simply adopting innovative technology does not necessarily translate into results—unless supported by proper execution (Entrepreneur). That’s where Next Level Solutions comes in!

Let’s Get Started!

Adopting new technologies in business can be overwhelming. That said, utilizing programmatic ads to connect with customers has never been easier. Today, new and emerging technologies will help you generate qualified leads, increase online purchases, and drive traffic to your website. If you want to boost business and increase sales with programmatic advertising, contact Next Level Solutions today at (916)-548-6563!

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