Top Five Reasons to Embed Video on your Website

According to Statista, over 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly in 2018. With more and more video content being consumed across the internet, it’s imperative that your business start including it into your marketing mix.

While social sites such as YouTube and Facebook lead the way as far as sharing video goes, another key space in which you can share your content is your website. With the ability to embed files from YouTube and Vimeo, we’re now spared having to upload bulky video files to our own servers – avoiding costly page load time increases.

At Next Level Solutions, we believe that integrating video on your website is a key opportunity to drive engagement and positive sentiment of your brand. Below are our top five reasons to embed video on your website.

1. It’s Engaging

Typically, business websites are information heavy. We include a bit about our history, our services, why you should hire us…the list goes on. The standard way to package this type of information is in simple text form. While this is still a good (and very important) way of telling your story, many visitors to your site may find it easier and more engaging to simply watch a small video that can more quickly pass along information in a dynamic way.

2. It’s Measurable

Video views are an exciting metric on your website analytics. By setting this up as a conversion event in your Google Analytics, you can track how many actions were taken on that particular page of your site, on that particular video. Going a step further, you can tie these conversion events to your digital advertising as a metric to help determine the quality of leads you’re getting from say, a Google Ads campaign; sure, they clicked to your website – but did they do anything after arrival?  

3. It Drives Video Views

Creating a video is often a labor-intensive task. From concept to post-production, well made videos don’t happen overnight. But just as a television commercial needs air-time, your video needs strategic placements to help drive views. The best videos in the world can get lost in the revolving door that is YouTube – so it’s your responsibility to share your video content far and wide, including on your website.

4. It Keeps People on your Website Longer

Engaging videos, when embedded on your website, not only bring current and potential clients a little closer to your brand and brand story, they also ensure that those same people are spending more time on your site. Depending upon your industry, this can be an important metric for selling ad space or promoting the quality of your website.

5. It Creates Legitimacy

Positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your industry requires video marketing these days. It’s the perfect platform to showcase your expertise, give advice and answer common questions that consumers have about your product or service. With website builders allowing even the most novice companies to create their own website, well-made videos still have a barrier to entry that not just anyone can overcome.

If you’re interested in learning how Next Level Solutions can help upgrade your web presence by integrating video into your website, contact us today.