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As technology evolves, we must also evolve with the marketing realm. We now have the ability to target an ad only to people who have shown curiosity for your service or product. Here at Next Level Solutions, we use targeted advertising to help Texas companies of all sizes have the opportunity to use the same technologies. Targeting services allow you to directly reach people who have shown an interest in your company rather than reaching a huge audience.

Next Level Solutions have expert target ad display developers that are able to modify how businesses gain new clients through our personalized Texas targeted advertising. What are display ads you may ask? They encourage users to immediately click a link that will lead them to a website, landing page, or call to action. We have an endless list of options for reaching your target audience that include, search retargeting, geofencing, native advertising, and more.

Having an online presence is the perfect way to grow your business and acquire new customers. There is a wide variety of strategies for our Texas targeted display advertising. Do you need to build your company’s online presence through our extensive selection of services? Call us today! ONLY advertise to those searching for your services now….


Search Retargeting: By creating an personalized keyword list, we guarantee ads will reach your specific target audience that are looking for your services or products.

Geofencing: By creating a geo-fence, it allows you to have a virtual perimeter that encompasses a real-world geographic location.

Site Retargeting: Recovers the interest of a potential client after they click out of your website.

Behavioral Targeting: Next Level Solutions uses behavioral targeting as a solution to boost your ads to predefined users across the internet.

Contextual Targeting: Since we have access to over 350 categories that are relevant to your audience, you are able to target your keywords that are shown in websites within those categories.

Conversion Zone Targeting: Next Level Solutions regulates the people who viewed your ads and came back to your store as a result of your ad.

Address IQ: Do you have a list of addresses? Is this list because of past customers that you have not seen in a while? We upload to our system and have the ability to target said list via mobile device, table, and desktop.

Event Targeting: This allows you to target certain times in specific locations. This can also be done with your competitors, current and past clients, and more.

Demographic Targeting: You can target your ideal demographic based on a variety of options such as ethnicity, gender, income, and more.

Native Advertising: We can mimic material that resembles editorial content.

Programmatic Video: Creating a video is a great way for advertisers to brand themselves. All of our programmatic solutions can have video layered onto it.

of online traffic to business websites comes from search engines!
of online customers are more likely to click on a real, organic search result than on a paid ad
of mobile phone searchers are more likely to contact a local business with a mobile-friendly site

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