At Next Level Solutions, targeted digital advertising is our bread and butter – it’s what we do best! We offer marketing solutions to effectively deliver a digital advertisement to the right location at the right time, targeting the right people and converting them into customers. Curious how our Internet marketing solutions and responsive website design can achieve all this? Read on!

The right location…

Thanks to advances in technology, and to the average American who spends 5 hours a day on their smartphone, we can now target the exact location where your target audience will see your ads (Flurry Analytics):

  • Geo-fencing: Geo-fencing is a location-based mobile service that sends your ad to the devices that enter a defined geographic area (GeoMarketing). This method of targeting is engaging because you can leverage your location to make your marketing more personalized to the consumer.

at the right time…

Contact your consumer when they are most likely to engage with your content. This timely point of contact can be met with three options:

  • Contextual targeting: Contextual targeting generates ads for the user based on the contents of the current web page they’re viewing. This assumes that the digital user is in the right state of mind to view and absorb a message in a related context (Know Online Advertising).
  • Native advertising: Native advertising seamlessly blends your paid ad into a site’s content, making it a natural viewing experience for the user. Targeting a user when they least expect to be targeted is an effective strategy; studies show 25% more consumers view native ads than banner ads (Digital Marketer).

to target the right people…

A major advantage of targeted advertisements is less waste. Rather than offering information to hoards of people, many of whom won’t become customers, you can tailor your ads to those most likely to convert. Here are two ways digital marketing can target the right people:

  • Behavioral targeting: In this method, a user profile is generated based on a user’s price sensitivity, buying history, or product intent online. We can pinpoint the people who, based on their previous online behavior, are most likely to convert.
  • Site retargeting: Site retargeting allows us to show ads to online users who recently viewed your website as a reminder to visit again. A recent study has shown that website visitors shown a retargeted ad are 70% more likely to convert (Software Advice).

and convert them!

Customer conversions happen when a user performs the act that your message asked of them – most often, a visit to your website! With that in mind, we advise you do not employ digital advertising without a responsive website. It’s more important than ever because 74% of all searches happen on mobile devices. A website designed by Next Level Solutions will fit into different-sized screens and be easy to navigate across phones, tablets, or laptops. Not only will you target the right people at the right time and in the right location, but you will convert them, too!

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