Demographic Targeting

Is your product geared toward a particular demographic?
Age group? Income level?
Demographic targeting is a form of behavioral advertising, except now we’re breaking down the user based on demographic information. ... Using such statistics, as age, income level, married, unmarried, etc.

What if we told you, you could target a particular geographic and demographic at the same time?

Our marketing agency in Idaho has found that demographic marketing is the ideal type of advertising – only reaching your potential clients makes the most sense too.  Connecting and engaging with that audience.  We have the ability to reach any or all of the following demographic markets and customers in Idaho and beyond:

  • Parents
  • Children/no children
  • Income levels
  • Education
  • Interest Categories
  • Hobbies
  • Race
  • Industry
  • Political interests

Our Idaho team’s demographic marketing service is the perfect solution for advertisers that need to go one step further, after they’ve identified their core geographic market (zip codes, cities or geofenced locations). Our agency serves companies in Boise, Twin Falls, and beyond.

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