CRM Retargeting

CRM Retargeting, do you have a list of emails? We can take that list and target them wherever they go online.

Do you have a client database? 
Or a list of emails?  

With our CRM targeting technology, we can take any list of emails or physical addresses, load them up to our system, and use our Idaho based company’s retargeting services and ads to begin serving Ads to them wherever they browse around the internet.  

Three Benefits of CRM Retargeting

  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities—CRM retargeting enables marketers to automate cross-selling and upselling so their customers have more relevant experiences. Taking your brand loyalty to a whole new level. It’s the digital version of walking into your bank and the teller remembering you signed up for a credit card the last time you were in. 
  • Smarter audience segments—Delivering CRM, sales, and email data to your preferred data management to reach audience segments based on known attributes, such as past purchase history or customer preferences. Can you say smart marketing?
  • Run cross-channel campaigns—Retargeting with CRM data is allowing marketers to reach the same consumers in their journey across channels and devices to deliver seamless, integrated campaign experiences.
Idaho Retargeting Services

Through our partnerships with several programmatic channels as well as our matching technology, our retargeting service experts in Idaho will leverage any list you want to provide our team with.  Below are some of the sample data variables we can ingest:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Person & Business Email
  • Physical Address, City, State, Zip
  • Age, Sex
  • Birthday

The more information our team is provided, the greater the match rates we can achieve with any lists provided.  And while our CRM Retargeting service in Idaho and other states averages 40 – 50%, our addressable geofencing marketing only requires one’s address, and our match rates average 80 – 90%. As a leading digital marketing agency in Idaho, our retargeting ad services can send your company’s advertisements to precisely the right customer. Our agency serves companies in Boise, Twin Falls, and beyond.

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