Conversion Zone

We can track the people who have seen your ads and when they come into your store/location
Conversion Zone = Online Advertising to Offline Foot Traffic

Our marketing and geofencing company is based in Idaho and uses conversion zones for remarketing. Conversion zones are a powerful means to track your online advertising to offline storefront traffic and conversions (meaning those people who physically went to a particular location as a results of seeing your ads).

How does it work?

  • A virtual geo-fence is traced around an area where the advertiser wants to target customers visiting another location (competitor’s store, a venue, or a specific part of town)
  • Next, a virtual Conversion Zone is traced around one or more of the advertiser’s locations
  • When the customer enters the geo-fenced location, our targeted ad marketing and geofencing professionals in Idaho will send the advertiser’s ads to their mobile device.
  • When the customer enters the Conversion Zone with their mobile device and has previously been served the advertiser’s ad, the Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geo-fencing campaign.

Geo Conversion Lift Tracking

Based in Idaho, our geofencing and targeted ad marketing company is able to track the number of people who have “naturally” visited your store versus the number of people who visited your store as a result of seeing your ads.  We call this “geo lift”. We calculate it by looking at the percent increase in natural store front visitor’s vs advertising percent increase in store front visitors.  Now you really know how effective your advertising is going. Our agency serves companies in Boise, Twin Falls, and beyond.

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