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Target past customers with addressable geofencing
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Target 1,000 To 1,000,000 Home Addresses With Laser Precise “Addressable Geofencing

Do you have a list of customers or business addresses? Addressable Geofencing can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, OTT and other customer tracking and location based marketing efforts in Idaho and beyond. It can even be used to target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution through conversion zone customer tracking, Address IQ makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective through our automated location based marketing services in Idaho and across the U.S.

  • Highly Precise – Targeting is based off of plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize precision of addresses being targeted. Up To 90% Match Rate
  • Highly Scalable – Up to 1 million physical household and business addresses can be targeted per campaign.
  • Provides Foot Traffic Attribution – Conversion Zones can be used with Addressable IQ campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.
  • Multiple Creative Formats Available – Advertisers can utilize static ads, video ads, and OTT Ad campaigns with address IQ
  • More Precise Than IP Targeting 

Geo Zone Conversion Reporting

Tracking online conversions (form submissions and sales) is one thing. But measuring offline conversions is something that couldn’t be done before until now. We are able to track conversions both online, as well as offline conversions (i.e. those who came back to your restaurant, retail store, desired location).

Are you interested in leveraging our Idaho team’s location based marketing services and technology to directly communicate with and reach your desired audience? If so, contact us to learn how we can develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals. Learn more about our addressable geofencing and conversion zone customer tracking capabilities in Idaho and beyond. Our agency serves companies in Boise, Twin Falls, and many other areas throughout the United States.

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