Behavioral Targeting

A technique used by advertisers and publishers to utilize a web user's
previous web browsing behavior to customize the types of ads they receive.

In the age of data and advanced tracking technologies, random marketing should be the way of the past – especially on the internet. 

Behavioral targeting is a method that uses web user information to strengthen advertising campaigns.   This technique involves gathering data from a variety of sources of the customer’s browsing behaviors.

With this information we are able to create relevant ads to that user’s habits and interests.  The main purpose of this strategy is to deliever a message those who have shown the most interest in the product/services.  Through Google Ads retargeting services and other means, we compile web searches, users purchase history, sites they have visited often and other information to create a profile on that user. This reveals what the user wants, avoids, purchases and more.  With this information we can deliver the ad to them with the most success.


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