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There are two types of ads in this world: those we pay attention to and those we scroll past.  What do the ads you pay attention to have in common?  They all have personal relevance to you, the targeted consumer.  

But here’s the thing: not all of us are marketing experts.  And how can we be?  If you are already busy running a company, the last thing that should be on your to-do list is making punchy, targeted social media advertisements.  That’s where Next Level Solutions comes in.  

Next Level Solutions is an innovative, personalized digital marketing company.  We have a team of experts specifically trained to grow your client base.  Whether you are a startup looking for your first devoted clients or a seasoned company ready to expand, we have the tools to help you with your business goals. 


Everyone is on social media, including your current and potential customers. Why not take advantage and create custom Facebook ads that will engage and captivate your audience? Next Level Solutions can help you get in front of your target audience based on the industry you are in and what your business character is like. We take care of everything to create a successful Facebook ads campaign, all the way from creative development and lead capture to ongoing maintenance. To ensure you are maximizing your budget, we can increase or decrease your spend amount when needed and have your ads showing at the right time of the day to the right people.

The great thing about Facebook ads management and paid social, is that leads are produced directly on Facebook which allows for much stronger conversion rates with those sales leads being sent to you in real time. Next Level Solutions can also target traffic that is coming through any source like AdWords and organic search with paid social management. We are always monitoring your campaign to ensure there are no snags, and when needed we can refine the campaign to maximize performance and lead quality. With Facebook ads management and paid social services, Next Level Solutions can help you generate real time sales leads, strengthen your brand and generate more social presence to help with your organic search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find yourself with a few questions.  Below, we will address common questions and concerns we have heard from you.  

I’ve been successful enough without digital advertising.  Is this really necessary?

Perhaps you have been successful without digital advertising.  You may find yourself asking “is this actually important?”  Though we admire your company’s success with word-of-mouth clients, there is simply more out there ready for you.  Especially if you are looking at expand your client base, our targeted advertising will draw in customers that were handpicked for you.  What does this mean for you?  You have more positive reviews, more committed customers, and more people to spread the success they had with your company.  

Digital advertising is out of my area of expertise.  Will I have to spend a lot of time on this?

The short answer is no.  At Next Level Solutions, we want our clients to focus on running their company.  We understand you are busy enough without have to worry about adding this to your plate.  We take care of all of the digital advertising, SEO, and market strategizing.  

How do I know this will actually work? 

At Next Level Solutions, our motto is simple: we don’t succeed unless our clients do.  That is a motto we stand, work, and live by.  Not only do we have the formula for success that has worked for countless clients, but we know how to innovate our techniques to work for your specific business.  We can set up an appointment today to get you started on your path to marketing success.  

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