Pay Per Click (PPC/SEM)


Majority of marketing campaigns take some time before you can see results and your return on investment. That is not the case with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Using our PPC services offered in Idaho and beyond, you will get more phone calls, requests, and buys the day your ads go live. The ads speak to potential customers when they are ready to buy. The great thing about PPC is you don’t have to pay a cent until they click on your ads!


SEM is another term for PPC (pay-per-click). It stands for Search Engine Marketing and is is a part of our Idaho-based digital services. SEM turns searches into revenue and drives the customers you want to your business. Using SEM, we can target people who are most likely interested in your services or products based on their search inquiry. We set parameters that will help internet users, searching for businesses like yours, to your website.

Next Level Solutions in Idaho creates customized PPC advertising campaigns that will target precise audiences, focus on core products, meet any other goals, and most importantly; fit within your budget. Our SEM services include tracking and analytics, calls or emails, leads, bid optimization, landing page design and execution, and consultation calls to discuss your campaign. There are five tiers offered to meet the budget of any business, small or large.   

As part of your SEM campaign, Next Level Solutions will create ad copy, perform bidding, and implement call tracing solutions with weekly reporting.

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