Email Marketing


Email as a platform might be old news, but email marketing is still at the top of the digital product food chain. As an “opt-in” service you are reaching out to people that want to be contacted.

Next Level Solutions is able to provide you cutting edge email services, to new clients that fall within your ideal demographic/geographic areas. We are able to provide you with a report on how many opened your email, where they went once the email was open or if it simply went to the trash can. We are able to do this by using attractive, professional templates, creative taglines, and dynamic copy. We can create customized email marketing campaigns for various promotions, products, and target audiences.

We will help build your email marketing campaign, which will expand your customer base by using a variety of sources: InfoUSA, Experian, Equifax, and US postal records. Our sources gather this information from questionnaires, surveys, registrations, and subscriptions. We follow and comply with all CAN-SPAM regulations.

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