Being a person in 2020 means opening a screen in the morning to find about 30 unread emails from different companies.  If you are anything like us, you quickly delete almost all of them, but save and read maybe one or two.  Our goal for your business?  Make sure you are the one or two emails that get noticed, read, and saved. We offer our email marketing services in Boise, Twin Falls, and beyond.

We will be honest with you.  Email may seem to be old news.  However, from a marketing standpoint, it is just as relevant as ever.  There is virtually no other service that keeps your clients up to date with offers, sales, new services, and weekly highlights.  And in this economy, no offers or sales can afford to go under the radar.  

Why Hire Someone to Send Emails?

You may ask yourself, “why do I need to hire a company to send out emails?”  Just as there is a method to the services your company offers, there are also techniques used in marketing.  And they change client to client.  Depending on the demographics of your customer base and the services you offer, the style of email marketing recommended by our Idaho based digital marketing team will change.  At Next Level Solutions, we stay up to date with techniques and marketing strategies to ensure our customers get the best results.  

Does this Really Work?

So, the real question is this – how do you know if email marketing will work?  If the point of email marketing is to attract more and faithful customers, you want to make sure it is doing just that.  With our technology, our digital advertising professionals in Idaho can give you information to help you gauge responses to these emails.  For example, we can deliver a report that details how many opened the email, where they went once the email was open, or if it simply went to the trash can.  With this information, we can keep the good and revise the less efficient.  

Now, we want to clarify. Our emails are not just mass spread to every Tom, Dick, or Harry.  We have advanced technology that targets customers who are more likely to be attracted to your services.  Our emails allow the end user to click on what deal/promotion that they have interest in.  Once the user clicks on it, it takes them to your website with more information.  We know what you are thinking.  Don’t worry, this is not your typical boring email with text that runs on for days.  Our digital marketing specialists in Idaho believe in email marketing that will attract the right person to your products and services.

Cutting Edge Technology and People

When you sign on with Next Level Solutions, not only are you getting cutting-edge technology, but cutting-edge people.  Our team knows the ins and outs of marketing.  It is just what they do.  They can take the vision you have for your brand and translate it into advertising that will grow your customer base at, what will feel like, the blink of an eye.  You are one investment away from a total transformation.  

If you are ready to expand your clientele, give us a call today.  Our Idaho based email marketing and digital advertising experts are prepared to help you take your company to the next level.  

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