SEO – Looking Ahead

The Internet is in a state of constant change, but one thing remains the same – users are still searching for the quickest, most reliable way to find information online. This factor alone is why it is so incredibly important for businesses to make sure their SEO strategy is evolving and ever-changing with the times.

Reach the Right People

Search engine optimization takes patience and dedication to achieve greatest visibility. You need a clear voice when it comes to defining what and who your target market is. Using terms that match your site’s content is key to boosting your SEO and improving your ranking. The more precise and targeted you are, the better you appear in the eye of Google and other search engines. Using keywords and phrases that match your content will not only help bring in the audience that you’re looking for, but it will also help keep bounce rate down as well since users coming to your site will be searching for content-specific information.

Offer a Secure Connection

Users are also looking for a safe and speedy experience. In 2018 there was a major shift from http:// sites to https:// because users were, and still are, in demand for a secure connection that is still speedy, accurate, and easy to navigate. Sites that meet these criteria are going to dominate the market in the upcoming year by improving user experience and functionality.

Mobile First

There was also a major shift in users transitioning from spending their time searching for information on a desktop computer to searching on their mobile device. That being said, sites need to be designed with the mobile version in mind first and foremost. Not only that, search engines are now enabling features such as voice search and improving to the point where users may not even have to leave Google to obtain the information they are looking for. To stay ahead of the curve, there is a snippet that works like an answer box that is important for voice search. This is great if you can anticipate questions that users may be looking for and have answers ready to provide that are accurate and concise.

Google My Business

Keeping your Google Business profile up-to-date helps, too! Consistent listing information, reviews, and posting straight from your Google Business account all help toward your ranking and boosts visibility on search pages.

The most important thing you can do this year is to remain flexible and always be willing to adapt to the many changes that will continue to happen as technology and the SEO continues to advance. As long as you keep your site updated with accurate and reliable information and then tailor it toward a specific target market you will set yourself up for success. Call us at 916-548-6563 to see how digital advertising could help grow your business.