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Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising: Targeting your Audience

5 Reasons

At Next Level Digital Solutions, the only thing we do is digital – but that’s not to say we aren’t knowledgeable about traditional advertising as well. In fact, it’s that knowledge that makes us confident in the effectiveness of our targeted, digital advertising campaigns.

So in what ways does digital advertising differ from traditional advertising when it comes to targeting your audience?

Targeting your Audience

Picture traditional advertising a bit like that old metaphor of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. But we’re not talking one small noodle – we’re talking the whole pot of spaghetti – hundreds or thousands of noodles smacking your wall and falling to a sloppy heap on the floor of your kitchen. Cut to the wall, and you’ll see just a few noodles have stuck.

That’s often what it’s like when you invest in traditional advertising – you may be hitting a lot of people with big newspaper, magazine and television buys, but how many are actually your target demographic? How many will see and absorb the message you’re trying to relay with your advertising? In most cases the answer is a very small percentage, or just a few noodles.

When it comes to digital advertising, the people who are most likely to be responsive to your message are ones that are currently searching for your products/services in your area. So instead of blanket advertising campaigns, you’re connecting on a granular level with your most receptive potential clients – and maximizing your ROI.

Digital advertising helps you spend smarter. Traditional campaigns are often costly and out of reach for many small businesses, while digital marketing can optimize your available budget and reach a more engaged audience. Considering the boundlessness of mobile phones in today’s society – being able to reach potential clients where they are, on their schedule is unique to digital advertising.

By utilizing advanced targeting available through digital advertising, you can reach further into your audience to identify people with certain interests, incomes, behaviors and more.

As always, remember that there is no “one size fits all” recommendation that works for every business. Let Next Level Digital Solutions work with you to determine the most effective way to reach your audience. Contact us by visiting our website or calling 916-548-6563.

to see how digital advertising could help grow your business.

Five Reasons to Choose Digital Advertising Over Traditional Advertising

5 Reasons

If you run a business, chances are you know the importance of promoting your products and services to reach new customers and keep your existing ones aware of new deals. When it comes to advertising, many things have changed over the last decades, and not everyone realizes the benefits of choosing digital advertising over traditional advertising. Here are five good reasons to do so:

Highly Targeted Ads

Unlike traditional ads, digital marketing gives you the ability to reach specific audiences. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and YouTube offer targeting options that go beyond demographic data. For example, you can market products and services to couples with children or early adopters of technology. If you can segment your audience, you can also deliver customized messages, which are always more effective than a generic campaign.

Track Your Campaigns

The availability of metrics is another good reason for replacing traditional ads with digital ads. Remember that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. When you advertise in magazines or TV programs, usually you only have access to the number of subscriptions and viewers. However, they’re not enough to tell you how many people your campaign reached. In comparison to mass media, digital metrics are more accurate, because they provide meaningful data, like conversion rate or estimated minutes watched.

Invest on Long-term Relationships

Digital advertising, as well as digital marketing, are all about long-term relationships. If you’re selling t-shirts, identify potential buyers first. Then, introduce yourself and chat a bit. Hopefully, some of them will like you because of your style, relevance, or good timing. Listening to them is not a waste of time and you can learn from their feedback. At some point, you’ll have built a long-term relationship based on trust and these people will be more inclined to purchase your t-shirts or whatever you’re selling.

You’re in Control

How many people do you know who own a newspaper, a radio or a TV station? Now, ask yourself if you know someone who has a website or a Facebook profile. Compare the results and you’ll see why the internet is so empowering. When it comes to digital presence—which includes digital ads—you can create your own channels of communication and use them as you want. There’s no need to pay a media group to deliver your message.

Cheaper and More Effective

It makes more sense to think about online advertising as an investment, rather than a cost. Targeting specific audiences with customized ads naturally gives you better results and, consequently, better ROI. You can track everything, so even if your campaign performance is lower than you expected, you can hit the “stop” button at any time. Digital advertising is also cheaper when compared to traditional advertising.

At Next Level Solutions, our team focus on digital services like online advertising, social media, and email marketing. We have the expertise to take your advertising efforts to the next level through a wide range of targeting options. Contact us by visiting our website or calling 916-548-6563.


What Is Programmatic Advertising And Why Do You Need It?

Coders Working For You.

Programmatic advertising is changing the way consumers and business to business (B2B) relationships present themselves online. This year alone, nearly 70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on programmatic advertising, and 65% of B2B marketers already buy or sell advertising programmatically (Forbes). So what is it, and why should you care? Put simply, programmatic advertising digitally promotes brands and products by simplifying online advertising with automated technology (Forbes).

Why Does It Matter?

Programmatic advertising boosts efficiency by targeting those who are interested in your business. Rather than wasting time with a “spray and pray” approach that plasters advertisements everywhere with no thought put into who will see them, programmatic ads hone in on potential customers. This strategy allows you to generate greater insight into consumer behavior by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), targeting individual demographics, and reviewing and analyzing gathered data.

Is Programmatic Advertising Going Anywhere?

While rumours seem to pop up quarterly declaring the death of programmatic advertising, the truth is this technology is here to stay. In fact, according to industry experts, in the next few years programmatic advertising is predicted to drive 100% of all advertising purchases. According to Adweek, programmatic digital display ads already account for up to 80% of all U.S. display spending, translating into more than $27 billion in sales revenue. This figure is projected to increase up to $45 billion by 2019. Adopting this technology today can help grow your business. You’ll remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve!

How Does It Work?

Programmatic advertising collects and analyzes user data to develop a targeted advertising strategy. With advertising platforms in the software, historical data, and other parameters, businesses can target the right user, at the right time, across many online devices (Forbes). When used properly, these technologies create ad campaigns that effectively reach the desired audiences with the right message. However, simply adopting innovative technology does not necessarily translate into results—unless supported by proper execution (Entrepreneur). That’s where Next Level Solutions comes in!

Let’s Get Started!

Adopting new technologies in business can be overwhelming. That said, utilizing programmatic ads to connect with customers has never been easier. Today, new and emerging technologies will help you generate qualified leads, increase online purchases, and drive traffic to your website. If you want to boost business and increase sales with programmatic advertising, contact Next Level Solutions today at (916)-548-6563!

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3 Key Components of a Functional Website and Why You Need Them Right Now

shopping on the internet on a tablet

You’re here to learn why you need a functional website, and at Next Level Solutions, we know functional websites! Read on and you’ll find out what exactly a functional website is, and why it’ll be crucial for your business’s success.

Is It Easy to Find?

If this is your first time hearing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), take a moment to learn about the crucial detail you’ve been missing. The first mark of a functional website is that it’s easy to find when you search for it. Being in the top spot on Google’s first page will give your website a 7.11% click-through rate, while being on Google’s second page dwindles that number down to 0.1%. If you want to be found, you’d better start climbing!

Fun tip: you can use social media to increase your SEO and send your followers straight to your website!

Is It Easy to Navigate?

A functional website is considered easy to navigate when it’s simple and enjoyable for the consumer to find important information and to shop within its pages. Think of the last few websites you clicked away from. Why did you leave them? 40% of web users would say that speed and loading time negatively impacts their enjoyability and will click away from a website after 3 seconds of loading time, and even 1 second of loading time can lead to a 7% loss in conversion. Don’t let consumers leave your website frustrated!

Easy navigation includes mobile responsive websites, which are websites that scale between computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. Mobile internet users now outnumber desktop internet users at 3.5 billion global users and a 52.21% usage share, so mobile responsiveness is crucial. In fact, many websites now follow a mobile-first strategy, in which they prioritize the mobile experience from the start.

Does it Drive Conversion?

A functional website will do what it was designed to do—drive sales. You want to get your consumers to find your website, spend some time, and then buy your product or service either through e-commerce or your physical store. 56¢ of every dollar spent in a physical store is influenced online, which means that you can attribute more than half of your sales to your website, social media, and online reputation.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Let’s get right to it: money, money, money! The consumer finds your functional website and they make a purchase: money. The consumer is linked to your website through social media and they come into your store to buy: money. The consumer remembers their experience on your website, some time passes until they need what you offer, and then they look up your website because of brand recognition: money.

No matter how you slice it, a functional website is a necessary tool to convert your target audience into loyal customers. To get started on your business’s future, check out our own functional website or e-mail melissa@nextleveldigitalsolution.com today!

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Targeted Digital Advertising & Responsive Websites:
A Match Made in Customer Conversion Heaven

At Next Level Solutions, targeted digital advertising is our bread and butter - it’s what we do best! We offer marketing solutions to effectively deliver a digital advertisement to the right location at the right time, targeting the right people and converting them into customers. Curious how our Internet marketing solutions and responsive website design can achieve all this? Read on!

The right location…

Thanks to advances in technology, and to the average American who spends 5 hours a day on their smartphone, we can now target the exact location where your target audience will see your ads (Flurry Analytics):

  • Geo-fencing: Geo-fencing is a location-based mobile service that sends your ad to the devices that enter a defined geographic area (GeoMarketing). This method of targeting is engaging because you can leverage your location to make your marketing more personalized to the consumer.

at the right time…

Contact your consumer when they are most likely to engage with your content. This timely point of contact can be met with three options:

  • Contextual targeting: Contextual targeting generates ads for the user based on the contents of the current web page they’re viewing. This assumes that the digital user is in the right state of mind to view and absorb a message in a related context (Know Online Advertising).
  • Native advertising: Native advertising seamlessly blends your paid ad into a site’s content, making it a natural viewing experience for the user. Targeting a user when they least expect to be targeted is an effective strategy; studies show 25% more consumers view native ads than banner ads (Digital Marketer).

to target the right people...

A major advantage of targeted advertisements is less waste. Rather than offering information to hoards of people, many of whom won’t become customers, you can tailor your ads to those most likely to convert. Here are two ways digital marketing can target the right people:

  • Behavioral targeting: In this method, a user profile is generated based on a user’s price sensitivity, buying history, or product intent online. We can pinpoint the people who, based on their previous online behavior, are most likely to convert.
  • Site retargeting: Site retargeting allows us to show ads to online users who recently viewed your website as a reminder to visit again. A recent study has shown that website visitors shown a retargeted ad are 70% more likely to convert (Software Advice).

and convert them!

Customer conversions happen when a user performs the act that your message asked of them - most often, a visit to your website! With that in mind, we advise you do not employ digital advertising without a responsive website. It’s more important than ever because 74% of all searches happen on mobile devices. A website designed by Next Level Solutions will fit into different-sized screens and be easy to navigate across phones, tablets, or laptops. Not only will you target the right people at the right time and in the right location, but you will convert them, too!

Convinced that our targeted marketing solutions and website design services can help your business? Contact us at 916-548-6563 or melissa@nextleveldigitalsolution.com.

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