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Always a champion for her clients, Next Level Solutions founder Melissa Pease is one to have in your corner. With decades of web and online marketing and advertising experience, she’s help clients of all sizes grow their digital presence through creative online solutions that work.

Melissa’s commitment to open communication, no hidden fees and a mutually beneficial working relationships has helped Next Level Solutions to become the premier  web and online marketing and advertising agency. She takes immense pride in helping her clients navigate their marketing ideas from concept to launch and delivery, maximizing their return on investment.

Under Melissa’s leadership, the team at Next Level Solutions is ready to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation call about our web and online marketing and advertising.

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Caleb is our lead web developer who designs, builds, and fixes websites.  There's nothing he can't do when it comes to websites. His experience is beyond his years, Next Level Solutions is thrilled he's such a big part of our team.


Chris is Melissa's partner in crime and ALWAYS has the answer in those rare times the crew is stumped.


Emily is our WordPress website designer. When not designing websites, she's dreaming about designing websites...which is probably why she doesn't have more friends...


Don wears many hats at Next Level, website designer, SEO expert and technical guru and can fix things that no one else can. He once fixed the internet, which is why it is working right now.

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Harmony handles all SEO operations and is a master of words.


Margie handles both SEO and web design teams with precision and organization, often equated to herding cats. We don’t know how she does it, but we love her.


Zach is our programmatic sales guru, enough said (mic dropped).

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You can't do the amount of targeted advertising without Haley.  She places all media plans, strategies over any opportunities and catches all the small details.


Next Level counts their blessings every day for Abbey.  She is our resident content expert and blogger.

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As one of our web design gurus, Donielle is charged with creating beautifully designed digital presences for our amazing clients.  Take a look at our website examples, you’ve seen some of her work.


Alex is the best of the best when it comes to animated ads for Next Level's clients. Alex is and accomplished Interactive Designer who brings more than ten years in the design field, creating best in class experience and finished product that exceeds all expectations.

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Mike is responsible for assembling the awesome campaign reports we produce each month.  He is Melissa’s go to person for all sorts of data needed for clients.  When he’s not crunching numbers he’s competing in wheelchair basketball, tennis and softball.


Colton is an SEO expert and jumps in with web design when needed. He forgot to bring his Star Wars onesie for this photo.


Sebastian leads Next Level’s paid social media ads department. He brings audience targeting to a whole new level. Next time you look at Facebook, his ads will be looking right back at you.


Teresa, another one of our SEO and content writers.  She strikes gold with every website she optimizes. She brings a deep skill set to the team.


If you're interested in PPC (Google Adwords) you'll likely speak to Nico at some point. He's our resident expert on PPC and Facebook ads.


Nick is one of the youngest on our team, but don’t let that fool you, he’s beyond is years.  Nick understands the inner-workings of the internet so that our client’s websites load quickly and cleanly.  Web designer, hosting expert and makes sure sites are loading properly


Jordin is one of our SEO technicians, who assists with content writing and social media. Her personality is as fiery as her hair, and her talent is unmatched.

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Emily leads our content marketing team.  Need new content for your website?  Need a new page created?  Emily is probably handling it, including thousands of documents each year, backed by her English Degree

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