You’re here to learn why you need a functional website, and at Next Level Solutions, we know functional websites! Read on and you’ll find out what exactly a functional website is, and why it’ll be crucial for your business’s success.

Is It Easy to Find?

If this is your first time hearing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), take a moment to learn about the crucial detailyou’ve been missing. The first mark of a functional website is that it’s easy to find when you search for it. Being in the top spot on Google’s first page will give your website a 7.11% click-through rate, while being on Google’s second page dwindles that number down to 0.1%. If you want to be found, you’d better start climbing!

Fun tip: you can use social media to increase your SEO and send your followers straight to your website!

Is It Easy to Navigate?

A functional website is considered easy to navigate when it’s simple and enjoyable for the consumer to find important information and to shop within its pages. Think of the last few websites you clicked away from. Why did you leave them? 40% of web users would say that speed and loading time negatively impacts their enjoyability and will click away from a website after 3 seconds of loading time, and even 1 second of loading time can lead to a 7% loss in conversion. Don’t let consumers leave your website frustrated!

Easy navigation includes mobile responsive websites, which are websites that scale between computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. Mobile internet users now outnumber desktop internet users at 3.5 billion global users and a 52.21% usage share, so mobile responsiveness is crucial. In fact, many websites now follow a mobile-first strategy, in which they prioritize the mobile experience from the start.

Does it Drive Conversion?

A functional website will do what it was designed to do—drive sales. You want to get your consumers to find your website, spend some time, and then buy your product or service either through e-commerce or your physical store. 56¢ of every dollar spent in a physical store is influenced online, which means that you can attribute more than half of your sales to your website, social media, and online reputation.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Let’s get right to it: money, money, money! The consumer finds your functional website and they make a purchase: money. The consumer is linked to your website through social media and they come into your store to buy: money. The consumer remembers their experience on your website, some time passes until they need what you offer, and then they look up your website because of brand recognition: money.

No matter how you slice it, a functional website is a necessary tool to convert your target audience into loyal customers. To get started on your business’s future, check out our own functional website or e-mail today!

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